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First Week After Surgery - Leanne's Story

Day 1: Right after surgery I felt terrible because of the gas. During the operation they inflate your stomach with gas to allow them to conduct the procedure. When this gas is sitting in your body it is very painful. I also had my hernia repaired so my recovery is a little tougher because of this.

Day 2: When I woke up in the hospital the day after surgery I already felt much better. I still had a little gas pain but not nearly as much as the day of the surgery.

Day 3: Again much better…everyday I feel much better than the previous day. I still have a little bit of gas pain but slowly going away. My diet consist of ice chips, water, crystal light, sugar free jello, and chicken broth. However it is still difficult to take these things down. The repairing of my hernia has a lot to do with this difficulty as well. The good news is that I have lost 9 lbs so far!!

Day 4: Still trying to get use to eating/drinking very small amounts at a time. This is a bit of a challenge because we are so use to gulping and having big bites. When I feel thirsty I think how nice to gulp a bottle of water like I use to but of course I wouldn’t because of the pain that would put me through. Total weight lost: 11lbs

Day 5: Feeling much better today. I began having my full liquids like sugar free pudding and whey protein shakes. It’s getting a little easier to eat a four ounce meal. Total Weight lost: 14lbs

Day 6: I am definitely feeling much better. Taking down the liquids is becoming much easier as the days go by. Total Weight Lost: 17 lbs

Day 7: Still feeling good. The only problem I am facing is that I am sick of the menu. I wish I could eat something different. Total Weight Lost: 18 lbs

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