Plastic Surgery for Excess Skin

One question I often get asked at the initial office consultation is, “Will I need plastic surgery?”. My answer, “That is a good problem to have and we’ll deal with it when the time comes”. The correct answer is, it depends.

It depends on how much weight you lose, on how much exercise can compensate for the sagging effect of the excess skin,on your body habitus and on how much the excess skin bothers you.

Some people just don’t care. Usually, exercise can help around the arms and thighs, but when there is significant weight loss, the excess skin around the abdomen is difficult to prevent, but excercising does help. Ultimately, it becomes an individual decision.

The second part of this issue is the timing. Most people start noticing the excess skin at about six months and start asking about plastic surgery at that time.This is not the time.I tell patients to wait at least 3 months after their weight has plateaued to undergo the procedure, and never before a year from the original surgery. You do not want surgery until you’ve finished losing. Patience is a virtue.

Remember, weight loss changes our lives, well, drastically. We are healthier, happier, have more energy, and all the other good things..The world even appreciates us more.So, if you feel you need plastic surgery, then look at it as a good thing.