Telling Others About Your Weight Loss Journey

The decision to discuss your weight loss journey is a very personal one. Some post-bariatric patients enjoy talking about their experiences while others consider it a very private part of their lives. For those who are comfortable doing so, telling others about your weight loss journey – both the achievements and struggles – can help you and others lose weight and stay on track. Indeed, sharing your story can motivate you toward your goals and others toward theirs.

Motivating Yourself

Sharing how you have attained or aspire to reach your goals can be a very effective way to make sure that you remain motivated in your own weight loss and weight maintenance journey. By offering others a glimpse into your inspiration, you may inspire yourself as well. In talking about the ups and downs, good and bad, you remind yourself of how far you have come since surgery.

Motivating Others

Talking about your story also provides inspiration to those around you. Some of them may be suffering from obesity without knowing what to do. They may be frustrated by years of failed diets and exercise. Others may have lost some weight, but need an extra boost to ensure their weight loss is consistently maintained over the long-term. No matter what their story, inspiration is a very powerful thing.

Where You Can Share

There are plenty of places where you can share your story. To start, there are a multitude of support websites that encourage the participation of people just like you. You can also tell your story at one of our monthly support groups. Leading a support group and sharing your story can serve as inspiration for others. You may also wish to present your story at one of our seminars. Speaking to those who have yet to have bariatric surgery may offer them the perspective they need to make the right choice for their health.

Ultimately, talking about your weight loss journey is a constant reminder of the wonderful changes you have made in your life and can help others by offering some inspiration and motivation to those who have not come as far as you have…yet.